Chronological overview of the history of the Vizovice chateâu and estate

1261 On 20th August 1261 the founding charter of the Cistercian male monastery Rosa Mariae, called Smilheim, was signed. The document was published by Smil of the Střílky in the presence of King Přemysl Otakar II. and Bruno, Bishop of Olomouc

1314  Both Vizovice and the monastery were devastated by the Hungarian paladin Matúš Čák of Trenčany

1418  The monastery was plundered by surrounding Hussite nobles

1485  The destruction of the Cistercian monastery of Smilheim

1568 – 70 In the fortified area of ​​the abolished monastery Zdeněk Kavka of Říčany built a Renaissance chateau called Nový Smilheim

1678  Leopold II. sold Vizovice to the court counsel Gervasius Vilém of Gollen

1685  The chateau, along with Vizovice, was sacked and burned by Turkish invaders

1710  The repaired chateau and the Vizovian estate are transferred to the Gollens who move to Vizovice and try to improve the domain

1710 – 1713 Count Prokop Gervas Gollen built the Prokopovský dvůr on the Janova hora hill with a 18m deep well

1746 At the auction, on July 15, the estate and chateau went to the Olomouc canon, later the Bishop of Hradce Králové, Count Hermann Hannibal of Blümegen

1749 – 70 The construction of the new Baroque chateau by architect F.A.Grimm

1815  Both the chateau and the Vizovice estate are transferred to the Stillfried family of Ratěnice

1945  Nationalization of all chateau property

1948  The castle is finally open to the public

1986  Since July 1, the chateau complex is administered by the Museum of South-East Moravia in Zlín

2001  By Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No.464 dated 9 May 2001 the Vizovice Chateau was included among the national cultural monuments

2002  Since January 1, the Vizovice Chateau is managed by the State Monument Institute in Brno

2006  Since February 2, the Vizovice Chateau is managed by the National Monument Institute, the Territorial Expert Center in Kroměříž